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Episode 044 - Reverse Trace (Friends & Vengeance)

Dizzy, Blink and Sheltie Komodo continue their ascent in the GenetiCorp tower. Their goal? To reach Hadrian…

Episode 043 - Serious Cirrus & The Bird God (Friends & Vengeance)

Dizzy, Blink and Komodo begin their move against GenetiCorp after getting a ride from Rimby Pimby. Believe it or not, drugs somehow make it more difficult than it need...

Episode 042 - Turning a Corner (The Neon Super Silly Saga Part 2)

The trio fumbles their way around Slaville after Blink is left high and with not-working eyes. They meet with an old associate to repay a favour and find transportatio...

Episode 041 - The Last Supper (The Neon Super Silly Saga Part 1)

Blink and Dizzy attempt to test the Umbra software to understand it's capabilities. Komodo reveals that he has a special skill outside of the realm of espionage.

Episode 040 - Truth (A Test of Friendship)

After fleeing the Flooby Doops concert as a massive muddy riot erupts, Dizzy and Blink have a long needed talk…

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