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The Chat Room 003 - Series Wrap Up

As the first campaign comes to an end, Craig, Ben, and Lee discuss the final arc and the series as a whole.

Episode 052 - One Last Rap (Friends & Vengeance) SERIES FINALE

The finale of the campaign! It all comes to a head: Dizzy, Test, Blink, and Komodo finally face off against Mr. DNA!

Episode 051 - Loose Deduce (Friends & Vengeance)

The crew follow a trail to try and reach their once again lost friend. They prepare for their final stand in GenetiCorp.

Episode 050 - Nice Like Ice (Friends & Vengeance)

Test and the team attempt to breakthrough to 279's remaining humanity, Blink finally makes it back to the crew with his awesome little teenage lizard buddy who definit...

Episode 049 - Get Schluppy (Friends & Vengeance)

Blink does his best to hurry back to his friends as they continue to engage with Test Subject 279 in combat.

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